The Dark Clicks On by Esther Ruiz at New Release Gallery

The Dark Clicks On by Esther Ruiz at New Release Gallery

The work in The Dark Clicks On at New Release Gallery is somewhat of a departure from the work I’ve been making over the past few years. Shifting away form the cylindrical forms, I’m working almost directly from drawings I’ve had for months. To realize them I’ve started using different materials; MDF, plaster, and paint. It’s both an additive and reductive process where I build the rough structure from MDF then grind it back and add several layers of plaster and paint; it’s actually a process I used in college.

ship to shamash

Ship to Shamash, 2015, Cement, plexiglas, neon, zip ties , 5.5″ x 18″ x 39″


Blue Sun, 2013, cement, neon, 7″ x 7″ x 6″

‘Ship to Shamash” is almost a literal narrative linking the older works to the newer works. It’s a bit more geometric and hard-edged and uses the three materials I had been using in earlier works: cement, Plexiglas and neon. Its’ form however, alludes to the newer pieces, Volume I and Volume II. I thought of the cylindrical cement pieces as miniature core-sampled landscapes of some distant cosmic future or ancient past. And these newer sculptures are relics from those landscapes. “Ship to Shamash” for me, links the two bodies. It’s a literal means of transporting you to the landscape in which these newer sculptures originate. Shamash is a name for the Mesopotamian Sun god and this sculpture is a vessel in which to mentally visit this deity.

Pink Well, 2016, neon, plexiglas, wood, hardware, 3" x 25" x 42", (edition of 4)

Pink Well, 2016, neon, plexiglas, wood, hardware, 3″ x 25″ x 42″, (edition of 4)

I love the sun, is that silly to say? Probably, but it’s true. I love when the sun reveals itself to us here on earth, every morning without fail. And every evening it slowly descends creating majestic horizons of goodbye. I often think about what the same sunset looks like on other planets and atmospheres. One of my favorite cosmic binary sunsets is in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope on Tatooine. Luke’s gaze towards the sunset is of quiet solitude and deep, inner searching. The image is so beautifully simple and spiritual.

Sci-Fi and gnosis have actually had a huge influence on my work in terms of landscapes, objects and naming systems. Sculptures, Volume I and Volume II, I think of as tomes: weird, futuristic books of hidden knowledge and meaning. ‘Pink Well’ is part of yet another body of work in which I’ve been working between over the last few years, entitled ‘Wells’. These consist of wobbly shaped mirrored Plexiglas framed by neon. The ‘well” is another form of escapism. Usually hung above eye level, they allow the viewer to look up to another space, distanced from the one in which they are now.

Volume II

Volume II, 2016, MDF, plaster, neon, paint, 6.5″ x 15″ x 28.5″


Esther Ruiz

“The Dark Clicks On” will be on view at New Release Gallery, 60 MULBERRY ST.
NY, NY 10013, through February 14th, 2016.

Photographs by Martin Parsek


Esther Ruiz received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art from Rhodes College in 2011. She has shown nationally and internationally at various galleries including Brooklyn Wayfarers, Platform Baltimore, Vox Populi, Field Projects, Fridman Gallery, Regina Rex, and The American Center for Physics. She was born in Houston, Texas, and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.