Haynes’ installation After Relâche is a set piece for a theater in which no performance ever occurs. The proscenium frame of the stage is constructed with photos, printed at life size, and then cut out to create a trompe l’oeil effect. The photos depict objects culled from band rehearsal spaces and art studios. Draped swaths of painted canvas and sections of convoluted foam appear to pile up or hover in masses above a matrix of aluminum work lamps. At center stage of this photographic frame is a void, a blank wall.


Harrison Haynes, After Relâche, 2015, pigment prints, wood, metal and magnets, 16 ft x 10 ft, installation view, SECCA

After Relâche uses Francis Picabia and Eric Satie’s modernist ballet Relâche, 1924, as a jumping off point. The title, in French, translates as “canceled.”

Accompanying this installation, Haynes and collaborators Laura King and Hisham Akira Bharoocha perform a new, live performance work with drum sets titled 3 Billie Jeans. The performance score hinges on the repetition of a single drum beat, recognizable as the opening bars of Michael Jackson’s 1983 hit single ‘Billie Jean.’ The drummers play the unwavering beat in rounds, resulting in a shifting cycle of accompanied and solo versions of the pattern over the period of half an hour.

2. HARRISON HAYNES 3 Billie Jeans _ performance_set_up_SECCA_01

Harrison Haynes, 3 Billie Jeans, 2015, performance for 3 drummers*, SECCA, October 25, 2015

For this work, the drummers are separated, each situated within one of a series of triangular niches along the facade of the main gallery wing. This isolation of the individual drummers provides a variety of ways, both visual and acoustic, for viewers to experience the performance. Outdoors, the report of each drum note will refract off architectural surfaces, resulting in delayed reverberation. From inside the gallery, the sound will refract, with potentially cacophonous results. 3 Billie Jeans proposes points of unity and conflict between the disciplines of music and visual art.

3. HARRISON HAYNES 3 Billie Jeans _ consolidated_graphic_score_web

Harrison Haynes, graphic score for 3 Billie Jeans, 2015

– Harrison Haynes

Harrison’s work will be on view at SECCA, 750 Marguerite Drive,
Winston-Salem, NC, through January 17th, 2016.

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