Dad Pranks "Vape Snake" poster

“Vape Snake”, Video still and poster image by Dad Pranks.


EXHIBITION001(TRANSCEND).ZIP is a digital publication that compiles 273.2 megabytes of curated artists’ files into
folders, presented collectively as a .ZIP download.

The project, organized by Acid Rain, features artwork by Ben Koch Voss, Dad Pranks (aka Nina Sarnelle, Lauren Goshinski, Kate Hansen, Isla Hansen, Elina Malkin, Laura Warman), David Colagiovanni, Matt Wellins, Michael Haleta, & Michael Clinard.

The forward, written by Jerstin Crosby of Acid Rain, is included as read_me.txt file, commonly included in illegal software downloads to explain how to crack the serial number. Here we find .zip file compression lucidly compared to the transcendental scene in Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antionette when Kirsten Dunst disrobed and passed through a ceremonial tent at the French border all the while retaining her American accent.


Folder Map, exhibition poster included with download.

The project is organized into three folders; set-dec-0ration, audio, and Two Person Show. Dad Pranks, a collective from Pittsburgh, often uses found objects and colorful props to create beautiful videos such as “Vape Snake”. Coupled with them in the set-dec-0ration folder is Washington based photographer Michael Clinard who includes images of sets and photo gear saved as obscure file types common to professional photography processes.


Teens with Phones by Ben Koch Voss

The ‘audio’ folder is a collection of compositions created with syncopated paper shredders by David Colagiovanni, alongside electronic music experiments by Matt Wellins. In ‘Two Person Show’, we find complex non-representation pixel weavings grids by Michael Haleta, called ‘XY Patterns’. Also included is a series of mixed media drawings called ‘Teens With Phones’ by Ben Koch Voss that feel like prequels to his ‘radiant slug’ digital series. His radiant slugs were included in the 2015 Spring Break Art Show in NYC, among other venues, and can be found on a dedicated instagram account (@radiantslugs).


Collectors that donated money received a limited double-sided poster for their support.