**Update: After downloading the app on your mac, please ensure your settings are set to allow downloads from any source in System Preferences. Find tech help here.

Acid Rain is excited to release our first app  Unity Delay. [free download / Mac compatible}

Unity Delay is a desktop sound instrument and UI/UX experiment made possible through an extensive collaboration between New York based artist/composer/programmer Thomas Martinez, of Custom Art Tools, and New York based interdisciplinary artist Jerstin Crosby, of Acid Rain.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 11.41.38 AM

Unity Delay

The applications controls are cryptically labeled allowing the user to disconnect with any familiar understanding of the technical relationship between electronic composer and tool. Through intuition and experimentation a new relationship will emerge as the interface reveals its characteristics and the Alchemical symbols begin to take on a systemic yet totally subjective meaning for the user.

To get started, users may drag and drop source audio into the triangular hole in the center of the app. Alternatively you may activate the “input” setting on the top right, and Unity Delay will begin listening to whatever live sound input you have configured in the audio i/o settings. By default it will look at your built-in microphone but you can also set it to listen to your line-in input or even audio interface if you prefer to use a live instrument or external microphone.


Unity Delay icon detail


Record the output of your experiments by opening the audio input/output sub-panel. First click filename and give a name and destination to your sound. Then click record. when you finish recording the file will be saved to the selected location.

Custom Art Tools is an interactive software and creative technology company based in New York City run by Thomas Martinez. They work closely with artists and creative professionals to design unique software and hardware solutions for experiential media installations and events.

Acid Rain is an ongoing project that bridges the gap between contemporary art and the public at large through an online art magazine, artists projects, cable access television, exhibitions and public events.

Update: Troubleshooting tips for Unity Delay users.