We are pleased to feature the art of Drew Robertson from his series Tummy Product Photography in our banner ad space for the month of January. Drew uses digital photography, technology and comedy chops to bring together a unique perspective and visual language. About this series Robertson explains, "The tummy product photography series came about by looking down. As an adolescent I assumed I would have all of the mysteries of my body figured out, and therefore no sense of insecurity, by the time I was in my 30’s. What I didnt realize as a youth is that the amount of weird things that happen to and on my corpus only grows exponentially as each year passes. I am constantly finding a new spots, patches, and ridges, and it is as strangely amusing as it is bewildering."

One day I was looking at my stomach in the mirror. I thought about how its shape, where is juts out the closer it gets to the bottom, was very similar to a seamless sweep, photographers use in product photography to give an illusion of an infinite background. As if taunted I then started to analyze the differences between a photo sweep and my tummy. I noticed all the hair, visible pores, moles, and other phenomena that make my stomach imperfect. I decided that since my stomach was the last thing manufacturers would want to use to sell their products, that I would use it to showcase my own products that I use everyday.

Drew Robertson is an interdisciplinary artist and comedian living in North Carolina. His work pokes holes in the fine line between what makes us giggle and what makes us wince. Drew’s practice uses photography, video, and performance, each intermingled with current humor theories. Since his work deals with things most folks worry about it can be challenging. The work acts as a lens on topics many don’t like about themselves. If you don’t like the themes in Robertson’s work, then it is because you don’t like all of yourself; If you do really like his work, it is still probably because you don’t like all of yourself.

If you don't like yourself at all you can visit his website: http://keepingitrealandwhatnot.com/