Quintron, the New Orleans based ‘swamp-tech’ musician, performer and sodering-iron professional has built a giant analog synth controlled and played by the weather called Weather Warlock.

Quintron jamming the Weather Warlock in a snow storm.

Quintron jamming the Weather Warlock in a snow storm.

Rather than mass producing these or creating multiples as a bespoke product offering Quintron decided to use the mass medium of the internet to live stream the sounds to anyone and everyone at weatherfortheblind.org.

Weather for the blind is a live streaming site of a musical instrument which is played by the weather. The base station is called Weather Warlock and is located in New Orleans Louisiana. The weather sensors are mounted to a post and detect temperature, wind, sun, and rain. This all analog synthesizer produces a wide range of tones and harmonics based around a consonant E major chord with special audio events occurring during sunrise and sunset.

– Sourced from http://weatherfortheblind.org/

After having the initial idea floating around for years Quintron found time to build the Weather Warlock during an artist residency he was invited to at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation in Captiva, Florida in the spring of 2014. On the weatherfortheblind site, he also references a serious illness as a catalyst that took him and wife/performer Miss Pussycat, off the road, allowing a mental space to focus on the idea and tweak the tech. The result of his experiments is the chill drone of soothingly sparse E Major variations we hear through the live stream. From the sound it the weather must be beautiful this morning…I imagine from 850 miles away in North Carolina.

Weather Warlock with weather sensor in the distance.

Weather Warlock with weather sensor in the distance.

The intentionality of tone he found through the R&D process was a sort of therapeutic feedback loop for its maker. This realization influenced the hopeful mission of the Weather Warlock project and live stream which seeks to harness these sounds produced by nature to help ease anxiety, sleep disorders, or other symptoms that may be affected by tonal healing.

Quintron and his Drum Buddy's

Quintron and his Drum Buddy’s

The Drum Buddy, an earlier synth he invented and continues to perform with in his live show has been handcrafted in small batches over the years and purchased by artists and musicians such as Laurie Anderson and Fred Armisen. Many of the wooden Drum Buddy boxes gain their remarkable appearance by using ‘sinker cypress’, a rare resource of timber from the late 1800’s or early 1900’s when logs were simply floated down river to the mill.

For more information on the Weather Warlock visit weatherfortheblind.org or Quintron and Miss Pussycat.