Dale_Logo-03The LA Art Book Fair is in full swing as we speak at MOCA: The Geffen Contemporary in downtown Los Angeles. The incredibly popular and well attended fair is the west coast sister of the New York Art Book Fair, both organized by Printed Matter. LAABF promises hundreds of tables of zine makers, underground comics, self-publishers and other sexy ephemera all for sale, and for the most part at bargain prices. Its a great place to fan out on your favorite artist and hopefully walk away with a book or original piece. I expanded my burgeoning poor mans art collection by scoring a few Aidan Koch butterfly drawings, one in NY (Sept 2014) and one in LA (Jan 2014) when Acid Rain shared a zine table with Drinkollage and Jesse Hulcher. For three days our neighbors at the fair was artist and zine publisher Steve Saiz of Dale Zines (pronounced “Da-lay”). I’ve followed his Miami-based publishing project over the last few years and caught back up with Steve to see what to expect from their appearance at this years LAABF.

unnamedAcid Rain: Can you start by telling us what you were up to prior to Dale Zine ?

Steve Saiz: Drawing, painting, working on music, spending time with our dog Billy. Who happens to be the DaleZine mascot.

AR: How do find the artists to work and publish under Dale ?

SS: When we first started we created a zine called Supergreat, we invited a bunch of our friends to reinterpret Garfield in there own voice. After that a lot of those artist started submitting there own personal zines for us to publish. It pretty much keeps growing from that initial spark. Our goal always has been to provide a platform for our community.

AR: It was great to meet you guys at the LAABF in 2014 when the Acid Rain booth was right next to Dale. Do you do any other zine or art book fairs besides that one ?

SS: Aside from the LAABF we’ve done The Chicago Zine fair in 2015, The Miami Flea – 2015. After LAABF we are doing an all age zine making workshop at Soho House in Miami beach along with Primary projects.

Excerpt from Michelle Weinberg’s “Sketchbook”. Published by Dale.

AR: What new zines will you be bringing to the LAABF in February ? We’ve got a whole bunch of new work showing this year at the LAABF, were very excited to share these editions with visitors. Heres a few: Michelle Weinberg from South Florida made a new zine compiling pages from over 63 sketchbooks in her studio.

The Order Of The Shadow Wolf zine by Legowelt.

The Order Of The Shadow Wolf zine by Legowelt.

Dutch electronic musician Legowelt sent us a special zine consisting of Occult home experiments – Synthesizers – Sorcery & Magick – DIY projects – Movies – Music – Counter Culture – UFOlogy – Poetry – Obsolete computers – Artificial Intelligence – Rastafarian LanguageCourse – ExoPsychology and lots more!!!!!


Excerpt from Rage, photo zine by Laz Rodriguez

Prolific Miami photographer Laz Rodriguez zine titled Rage is based on his transition from Miami to Homestead. Spending time hanging out in underpasses, creating suburban sculptures and befriending bugs.

Excerpt from Vacuum Head, photocopied drawing zine by Gabriel Alcala.

Excerpt from Vacuum Head, photocopied drawing zine by Gabriel Alcala.

Our good friend Gabriel Alcala blessed us with his new work titled Vacuum Head, 32 pages b+w photography and illustration.

AR: How did the Dale Zine Library come about ?


SS: The Dale Zine Library began as an idea to have a standalone Dale Zine shop, until we find our permanent location were doing pop ups at different venues. Each time we do this we have scheduled programming featuring things like Zine making workshops, Tarot readings, Musical performances and artist talks. During Art Basel Miami, we featured the library with daily events. Our proudest moment by far was when we did the all age zine making workshop.













Stop by the Dale table if youre in LA, say hello to Steve and the Dale crew and pick up a few of their publications. I’m sure they have lots of other goodies to collect as well. LAABF is held from February 11-14, 2016. For more info visit: http://laartbookfair.net/