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**Update: After downloading the app on your mac, please ensure your settings are set to allow downloads from any source in System Preferences. Find tech help here.

Unity Delay is a standalone audio application designed to allow artists and musicians the ability to disconnect with any familiar technical relationship between electronic composer and tool. Through intuition and experimentation a new relationship will emerge as the interface reveals its characteristics and the Alchemical symbols begin to take on a systemic yet totally subjective meaning for the user.

Acid Rain, in partnership with Custom Art Tools are now accepting submissions of sound art works created with Unity Delay. Selected works will be released on a forthcoming digital compilation and featured on Acid Rain as part of the project archive.

Deadline: December 6, 2015
Participation is free and open to the public.

To submit:
-Email or transfer audio files to by the above deadline.
-Include a paragraph about how your audio piece incorporates Unity Delay.
-Include a resume (PDF), contact information and URL link to personal website.
-All submitted audio must be either completely or partially made using the app.
-Submissions may be of any length.
-All submissions will be considered.

Download Unity Delay here:

Troubleshooting help page:

Email with questions or press inquiries.

Unity Delay is a product of an extensive collaboration between New York based artist and programmer Thomas Martinez, of Custom Art Tools, and New York based interdisciplinary artist Jerstin Crosby, of Acid Rain.

For more information visit: