Party City is a free compilation featuring comics and images by Spencer Longo, Austin Ansell, Chris Beauregard, Erin Womack, John Kaznik, Kate Hansen & Ken Painter Jr., Pat Aulisio, Reese Adams-Romagnoli, and E.S. Glenn.



Erin Womack, from “Party City”

Organized by Acid Rain and curated by Pittsburgh-based artists Erin Womack and Austin Ansell, the disjointed collection feels random yet somehow manages to provide a window into a mysterious, multi-dimensional dystopia.

From LA artist, and The Jogging contributor Spencer Longo we get high gloss Porn Hub mashups which feel as out of place as a web ad reaching beyond its target audience.


Spencer Longo, from “Party City”

A bulk of the collection are underground comics by Ansell, Beauregard, Womack, Aulisio, Adams-Romagnoli, and Glenn. A few are short works and others are excerpts of longer efforts, yet all are equally mystifying and tempting. By positioning you with an outsiders understanding, Party City succeeds in asking readers to lean in and find their own syntax between the loose threads provided therein. Acid Rain is offering a free download of the PDF release here.


Excerpt by E.S. Glenn, from “Party City”