SETI by Ben K. Voss is a PDF artist ebook of nineteen abstract drawings inspired by a wall drawing and a word the artist found along a garage during his morning jog.


“SETI” by BKV, PDF ebook


Excerpt drawing from “SETI”, by BKV

Ben K. Voss works within a constellation of interdisciplinary art projects including drawing, painting, sculpture, performance and artist books. Each project is inspired by an expansive field of subjects ranging from early 20th century abstract art, theoretical physics, Leonardo Da Vinci, maps in 80’s video games, Borges’s Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius, comic books, the history of pretzels, lucid dreaming, the cosmos, the tattooed back of Queenqueg, Rings of Saturn, the role of technology in shaping our society and the artist as ninja.

His work has been exhibited at the Aspen Art Museum, the Nurture Art Annual Benefit and the Beginnings Gallery in Brooklyn, along with residencies at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado and Whale and Star in Miami, Florida. BKV was born in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania and now currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife.

untitled from Radiant Slug instagram by BKV

Untitled sketch from @radiantslug instagram by Ben Koch Voss

BKV has multiple ongoing projects including a series of manipulated snapshots of New Yorkers entranced in their smart phones titled Radiant Slugs ( instagram @radiantslug ).  His work may also be found in the Acid Rain release EXHIBITION001 (TRANSCEND) .ZIP.

Download SETI from Acid Rain. Compatible with all mobile devices.