For the February 2016 installment of our programmed artist series “Click Bait & Switch”, we present a new work by Thad Kellstadt.

About this work he writes, “This project has been in my head for awhile now. It started as an idea for a sitcom about young adults on a Utopian spacecraft. This spacecraft has existed for many generations so any ideas of pain, suffering, boredom or sadness have long since vanished.

A result of this society free of care or want, the need to aestheticize primary functions such as eating, bathing etc. have diminished. The requirements for sustaining life are met with taking pills. This not only meets psychical needs (anti-fungal and antibiotics for cleanliness) but psychological ones as well (Your brain gets the signal that you feel clean )

While a great deal has changed, teens and/or young adults still need to rebel. In light of that, some teens take a heroic dose of pills to change their reality. For example they might take a heroic dose of “shower pills” and go through the motions of feeling very, very clean. There is also a black market and certain doctors who make and sell drugs designed to produce multitudes of emotions, feelings, attitudes and moods. One might take pills to produce and articulate the feeling of eating a lobster dinner, or the feeling of being heartbroken.

These feelings are so strange and unusual that they are radical in a sense. Hence the name “Radical Bummers”, which could also be the name of the tripping teenage gang.

The casting so far is Neil deGrasse Tyson as the Dad, Yoko Ono as the Mom and Paul Dano as one of the teens.”

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Click Bait and Switch is a curated platform for artists presenting work where paid advertisements are normally found. We work with artists to choosesite-specific pieces that interact with, contrast or play off of the traditional functions of online ad space and click bait.