Untitled (Garage), from the Landscape Anarchitecture Series, made by artist Carl Diehl, contemplates the loss of one’s “sense of place” in relation to the increasing presence of mobile phones, mobile screens, and virtual worlds that conflict with one’s perception of their immediate reality. In this model, video sequences of suburban vistas are recast as sites, and sights, of psychological duress. Extensive digital de-composition was employed to break apart image sequences of mundane backyards and neighborhoods into discrete fragments. Once separated, individual components were manipulated at frame-level and then realigned in accordance with their original spatial integrity. Temporally, the sequences of elements were intentionally desynchronized, quietly dislocated from their grounding in a singular sense of “here”, and “now”.

This video was broadcast on cable access stations via Acid Rain in August 2008.

Carl Diehl on vimeo: https://vimeo.com/cdiehl