I see Bress’ seminal work Status Report as a beautiful and telling meditation on how society deciphers the seemingly separate personalities of the artist- work versus hobby, the art market, competition, the need for love and acceptance, mental health and comfort, hiding behind or within one’s work, and the search for something unknown in wondrous and complete isolation. Each of these embedded in a separate character played by Bress. Each inhabiting their own unique and delicately devised universe. Suddenly they start to enter each other’s psychological and physical spaces as a cosmonaut crashes into the consciousness of the miner and the characters coalesce into a motion Klimt rendered in a beautiful mix of digital and aspiring practical effects of the likes of the master Georges Méliès. Bress’ work is both aesthetically alluring conceptually complete. I am happy to respectively present Status Report during the last season of Acid Rain- a program dedicated to artists and all their personalities. – David Colagiovanni

Courtesy of the artist and Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles.